Monday, January 23, 2017

7 sexual positions perfect for guys with a really small penis

7 sexual positions perfect for guys with a really small penis

Sex can be nice regardless of size. So do not despair if your pathetic penis is shorter than your thumb, try these and perhaps you can bring your woman some pleasure.

1. The rabbit

Are you the type of guy who loves the concept of “fuck like rabbits,”? It’s probably just a bad excuse for almost nonexistent hose between the legs, so "fuck like rabbits” in this case is just a reference to a penis the same size as a rabbit!

2. The Juicer

Another popular position is this one, that actually gets its name from the non-existent penises of boys at the local juice place. This sex is just like the promise of a healthy and nice tasting smoothie, it sounds better in theory than it actually is.

3. Close your eyes-and-think-of-anything-else

The key here is that to focus. Not on the penis, for it is so small so it doesn’t matter. Instead tell your woman to think of someone handsome, a beautiful well endowed person she would like to be with instead of you.

4. Fetal position

This is the position which is perfect when you are already in a fetal position because of anxiety over the mans tiny little penis. Then you can take the opportunity to have sex at the same time, because tiny penises has a better reach from this angle.

5. The Smurf

When your penis has the same color and size like Papa Smurfs penis, your girl can try this position to get it in. Not that she will feel anything, but you will probably come in seconds and after your release it’s a chance your balls will regain it’s normal color.

6. Self confident

Here is the classic position for all the guys that don’t realize how pathetic their micro penis are. With great confidence you imagine yourself as a big and strong guy and, therefore has a firm hold of her legs while fucking her brutally. It’l work great for about one minute of fucking, thats when she shouts to you. ”put it in already!”

7. No shame

There’s a kind of guy who does not care about the size. Who proudly believe in love and believes that with the right chemistry it can work just fine. So he gives his best and fucks as fast as he can. He is satisfied and happy anyway. But look for yourself, does she look as happy as he is?
He does not care at all about size. But my guess is the she does!.


The best thing a small sized man can do is to realize the truth, and if he wants to keep his women he’d better do some reading op an a concept called CUCKOLDING!
But Hey, we were just kidding of course
Size does not matter :) or?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Does she love rough sex?

I want to be the man in the sofa...

...watching my girl getting her best sex ever!

Things I would like to hear my girlfriend say

  • His cock is much bigger than yours. To be honest, I prefer it to yours.
  • I get hornier for him than I do for you.
  • I plan to start going to him when I need sex.
  • He’s all I think about some days.
  • I’m sorry that you don’t like me being gone so much, but I’m not stopping.
  • This was your idea. You got what you wanted. Deal with it!
  • He can fuck me any time he wants.
  • I’m sorry if you want me to stay, but I’m going over to his place again tonight.
  • I love you, but he satisfies me in ways you cant.
  • I don’t love him, but I need the sexual satisfaction he gives me.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night. He wanted me to stay over.
  • He has stopped using condoms. I’m good with that.
  • He doesn’t want me to fuck you at all this week. I told him I felt the same way.
  • I’m going to spend the night with him whether you like it or not.
  • I’m still your wife, but this is his pussy.
  • My asshole is for him to fuck only, but you may lick it
  • Before sex in front of hubby - Watch how he fucks me. This is how I like it.
  • During sex - O my god! He does this so much better than you!!
  • During sex - This is the best fuck I’ve ever had.
  • During sex - He’s already lasted ten times longer than you do.
  • During sex - I would do anything he says right now.
  • After sex - That was the best orgasms I ever had.
  • After sex - I don’t think my pussy has ever felt this good.
  • After sex - You never shot a load this big in me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things a "Bull" should like

  • I like watching the faces of husbands as they deal with the emotions of watching their wife get fucked by another man.
  • I get off rubbing in a husband’s face how slutty his wife is with me.
  • I love seducing a married woman and making her husband a cuckold for the first time ever.
  • I love keeping a married woman out overnight or taking her home with me.  I know her husband is sitting awake, wondering what she’s doing.
  • I like fucking a wife in front of her husband and telling him what a good piece of ass she is, or how good her pussy feels.
  • I like the first time a married woman sees my cock and tells me that I’m bigger than her husband.
  • I like cumming on a married womans face knowing she has to clean up before she goes home, and cumming in her mouth knowing it will mean I’m always a part of her.
  • I love hearing a married woman beg me to fuck her, because I know she doesn’t get it at home.
  • I like hearing someone’s wife thank me after I fuck her, or if its a couple I like hearing her husband thank me for fucking her.
  • I like telling her husband that his wife’s pussy is mine now.
  • I love when a wife tells me fantasies or experiences she’s had that she’s never told her husband about.
  • I love when a married woman wants to do things with me that she doesn’t do with her husband.
  • I like to call a husband on speaker phone while I’m owning his wife in bed.
  • I like to call a husband and tell him I’m done with his wife and to come pick her up.
  • I like getting a wife to tell her husband how much bigger I feel inside her.
  • I ]like to call a husband at work and and tell him his wife is servicing me.
  • I like having a married woman tell me I was the best fuck she ever had, especially if it’s right in front of her husband.
  • It’s fun having a married woman tell her husband that she can’t do without me.
  • I like showing up unannounced and lead her off to the bedroom.

A cuckolds fantasy

Here’s your wife ready to leave … is stylish, sweater and long skirt … very refined. Have you noticed that you are not prepared to say anything, so you probably will come out without you. The socks with the rear edge, though not vulgar, they leave you to guess that perhaps will not come out with their friends. It ‘s possible that your wife is your name, ask how you found it, and before leaving it raises her skirt to show her underwear under her skirt, with doing naughty tease for now you can be sure it has a date with a man, why does not wear panties … very appropriate attire for a lady, but perfect for the wife of a man cuckold!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Self Humiliation

Sometimes I get an urge to Humiliate myself. I Don´t know where it's coming from. But I have learned to accept it. I usually set up a plan for self-Humiliation. And then force myself to complete the whole plan by some scheme that won't let me finish until it is completed.

Afterwards I always feel ashamed and humiliated. Really embarrassed over what I have done.

Sissy sucking the Dildo

This is what I have planed for myself today.


1. Hide the key to the chastity belt in the attic. (I live in an apartment with a shared attic)
2. Defrost 4 ice cubes filled with your own cum
3. Make a playlist with your Male humiliation and cuckold videos. At least one hour long.
4. Set up your webcam to take pictures automatically (One every minute)
5. Prepare a selfbondage posture. 
- Positioned kneeling with the hands secured on your back and not able to move away (tie yourself to a heavy furniture or similar).
- Take your biggest dildo, the one with a suction cup that belongs to your girlfriend, on the wall about one meter high. 
- IMPORTANT! Place the key to your release in the suction cup, while securing the dildo to the wall.
- Pour all your melted cum (from the Ice cubes) on the dildo. It should be plenty of it. make sure it's fully covered and dripping.

The plan
1. Go to the gym wearing panties. Make sure the guys ate the gym will get a glimpse of your girly underwear- Completed

3. After the gym, shower and shave my balls. Apply rich amount of oil to your shaft and balls. Masturbating is okay, BUT DO NOT CUM!!

4. Lock that pathetic dick up with your CB 6000 chastity belt.
- Make sure to use Anal-beads as well.

5. Dress up in the sluttiest feminine clothes you have. Use the most uncomfortable shoes possible, with really high heels.

6. Pose for the webcam and take plenty of pictures. Look as sexy as you can! 

7. Tie yourself up to limit your movement, but not too tight I need to be able to move around, for now... ;)

8. Gag yourself use the sweaty underwear you had at the gym.

9. Now you will be your own maid! Move around a sexy as possible while performing the following duties:
- Clean up in the kitchen
- vacuum and mop the floor in the living room
- Clean the toilet. No, not with the toilet brush. Use a sponge and your hands!

10. Start the automatic webcam, Preferably with closeups of the dildo.

11. Tie yourself down as you prepared before.

13. Now, Suck hard on the dildo (no biting, or my girlfriend will notice). Suck away all that cum. and continue to suck until the suction cup detaches from the wall and thereby releases the key to your bondage.
- I have tested this, and it's doable, but really hard to suck the dildo loose. It will take me a good 30 minutes and you need to suck hard! Absolutely impossible to get the right friction before all the cum is removed. If you want to try this your self. Make sure to verify this part, before tying yourself up!

14. Release yourself from the bondage with the key.

15. Get the chastity key from the attic.
- Do you dare to walk up there in your female slutty dress?

16 Remove the chastity belt and caress you cock, Masturbate if you want, BUT DO NOT CUM!

17. Upload pictures to your blog, as proof of your completion

18. Now you may come! Any way you prefer, but make sure to save all the cum and refill you ice cube collection in the freezer.